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June 01, 2009


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I'm not quite sure why you think http://www.medicare.gov/NHCompare/Include/DataSection/Questions/SearchCriteria.asp?version=default&browser=Firefox|3|WinXP&language=English&defaultstatus=0&pagelist=Home&CookiesEnabledStatus=True
is a "Clunky" web site. Except for the URL, the site is transparent and fact filled. The bells and whistles the article seems to value are countered on this web site by unpuffed truth. Except for a schedule of rates, anything a searcher might want to know is there. As an advocate for residents of nursing homes, their families and friends, I can walk anyone who can start a computer through the process of getting information from the site with little trouble.
Clare Whitbeck
Voices for Quality Care


I'm unsure how you assumed this post was referring to a medicare.gov site. When describing "model three" we did not list any specific directories by name. We lumped all public and non-profit directories into one category and maybe this was a mistake. Admittedly, some are fabulous but most are not well designed sites and confusing to navigate with less than useful data.

By the way, the URL you provided for medicare.gov brings up a page-not-found when I try and actually select a state and "continue".

Thanks for your comments and please continue to visit our blog!!

Great article. So interesting to know these services exist. Is there a study on how much growth revenue exists for these online companies like you mentioned (aplaceformom, ourparents, etc.)

In other words, is there research on IT in eldercare and how much it is today and how much it will grow to in terms of percentages and dollars. It would be interesting to know.


I am not aware of any research but the leading analyst in the senior care space is Laurie Orlov from Aging in Place Technology Watch (http://www.ageinplacetech.com/) and she may know. I am certain of two things - there is tremendous growth opportunity in this space based on the market size/demographics and the resulting demand but the space is in its infancy and most of the business models we see today (advertising supported or provider commissions) are unsustainable - as a result, we'll see lots of changes. What those changes are I am not ready to give any predictions :-)

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